Audiovisual and Media artist with an interdisciplinary practice.

Currently based in South London, working with digital and analogue media, animation, music/sound design, video, photography and sometimes celluloid film. I develop projects in film-making, AV performance, installations, new media and video art.

I am working more and more with creating and manipulating data or working with ready made and found data sources. The manipulation, bias and control of data is a recurring theme in my work. As a media artist I explore experience within hidden chaotic systems fragmenting over time, filtered through new media technologies. Working at the intersection of traditional cinematic aesthetics and contemporary new media with generative and real-time processes or filmmaking, mixing documentary, science and fiction. My audiovisual films and immersive installations promote critical thinking and living with impermanence.

I'm actively developing projects in "expanded cinema" which combines narrative abstractions of cinematic imagery and live performance. Recent works include Residencies and Audiovisual installations in Nang Loeng/Bangkok, Brno/Czechia, Chemnitz/Germany and Poland/Krakow.

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Nicholas Carn MA.

(Photos of Nicholas performing at Patchlab by Michal Ramus)

Contact: Studio (at)

Performing at Patchlab festival