Light box installation with inverters

Diverse Gatherings

Polaroid layered transpencies with lightboxes, inverters and sound. Curtain.

Above and below is a look at an installation work shown at the Diverse Gatherings exhibition in No Format gallery SE London. A mixed media installation combining instant film and lighting with an electrical background noise.

The power supplies to the lights each give off a high pitched sound which, in unison, gives a disconcerting background industrial noise to the installation, dislocating the viewer from the real world. The images are dark in tone thematically, the wires also representing a biological association with memory, veins and neurons.

The lights are the kind used in advertising and information technology, this puts the work in context of our daily interaction and instructions from screens, lights, panels and displays. Are we in control of them, or are they in control of us? The display format also represents a scientific aesthetic as part of the presentation. The images were made using a Polaroid slr 680 with instant film and then layered as multiple transparencies in pseudo three dimensional framed objects.

Lightboxes with 3d layered transparencies