The Ministry Of Delirium

Triptych video installation in the underground reservoirs of Žlutý kopec, Brno, Czechia for Prototyp Festival. 3 x 10K Lumens projectors. 9 minutes video, sound split across 3 speakers. Viewing platform.

Reflecting on an era of uncertainty, the rise of AI, out of control toxic governments and inequality from reinforced priveliges. This large scale triptych audiovisual installation shows in three of the tall corridors of the underground reservoir in Brno, Czechia. Installed as one of the exhibits for Prototyp Festival.

Mixed media with sound and built with procedural animations combined with neural networks trained with my own photographic material, such as control panels from my factory residency in Germany.  Underwater machines and monuments, secret societies, forbidden doors, codes, symbols and passages feature in some of the imagery for the projections with the audio. More details, images and videos to come.

Photo by Petr Ryp

Photo by Peter Ryp

Photo by Peter Ryp