Sound/Image Colloquium

Digital Video, 6 minutes film sequence.

Material for the work was collated from field recordings of photography and video shot around Greenwich spliced with more authored clips such as the montage of a dancing woman from an early 20th century footage.

Included is scenes from around the Labaan, the Naval college and the foreshore. Also, of note is the Lidar 3d scanned material of Deptford/Greenwich which is also part of the material cut together. I had started manipulating Lidar scans as part of my process. Importing them into 3d software and colouring them and using them as date reference points of dataveillance culture.

I find Lidar imagery to be captivating and the realism uncanny despite the ultra-low resolution. Digital mapping language is more a part of our daily rituals. For the sound I recorded performances using various granular and virtual analogue synthesizers, exploring sounds and rhythmic textures. Then the film was recorded as a live performance of the sound interacting with the footage, the different audio levels controlling different aspects of animation parameters such as line heights, edits and motion.

The aim was to create an immersive portrait of a post-digital landscape.

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