Algorithmic Adventures in feedback

I've always been fascinated by video and sound feedback from an early age and asssociate the crt monitors and bright pixelated colours of analogue video arcade games and machines as a transformative part of my childhood and formative years, it has embedded itself in my practice in many different ways as an embryonic stylistic infleunce. I have been building a real-time feedback series of works which I will be featuring in video formats but also presenting in printmaking and large scale images. On this page here are some example images from a forthcoming Zine/Book of prints which I will make available when ready.

The pandemic created an opportunity to spend time building and exploring this medium again. Also in part due to limited resources, things being stripped away can provoke a path of reverting back to certain patterns and preoccupations. Despite being very interested in ultra high resolutions that modern video and GPUs can create, the lower resolution analogue pixelation of hyper minimalism creates a colorful playground which directly relates to the surreal world of quantum physics partly responsible for the electron gun of the CRT.